The Ocean & Our Mental Health: A Deeper Look

The Ocean & Our Mental Health: A Deeper Look

Soothe Your Mind with the Ocean

Did you know that being by the ocean has been scientifically proven to improve our mental health? We all tend to slip into a negative mindset from time to time. But staring at the sea, most of us can’t help but feel even a momentary glimpse of gratitude, which is a powerful step towards wellbeing. But how does that work?

The Healing Benefits of the Ocean

Being by the ocean has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our mental health. There’s something about the sound of waves crashing, the smell of saltwater, and the feeling of sand between your toes that can make us feel peaceful and connected. But how does it work physically? The air we breathe around ocean water is filled with negative ions (oxygen atoms that have an extra electron), which have a calming effect on the human mind. People who are often near the sea also appear to have fewer anger outbursts and are calmer.

Simply staring at the sea can change the frequency of our brainwaves, putting us into a mild meditative state. Just like meditation, the ocean encourages you to focus only on the sounds of the waves and the views, tuning everything else out. The constant ebbing and flowing of the sea kind of de-stimulates our brains. The sounds — combined with the visuals — activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing us down, allowing us to relax and feel more involved.

The Power of Blue

The colour blue is also associated with feelings of calm and peace and has the ability to put us at ease. It is said that the colour blue clears your mind and improves your creativity/productivity, whether in art, problem-solving or people management.

Engaging with the Ocean

This may explain why the ocean can really do wonders for your mental health and why people feel instant pleasure when they come in contact with water, whether it is swimming, surfing or a barefoot walk in the shallows. Getting some exercise around the ocean can really help to boost our energy levels and improve our physical health. Our mental health is also improved when we take part in meaningful activities, so why not make the most of the ocean and get involved? At Saucha, we collect 50 bottles of ocean plastic for every item purchased. 

Make the Change

Join us in our mission to reduce our environmental impact and protect the ocean, while also improving your mental health.

It’s time to start taking care of ourselves and the environment. At Saucha, we are dedicated to helping to reduce our environmental impact and protect the ocean, while also improving your skin and mental health. We are committed to using natural and sustainably sourced ingredients in all of our products, so you can trust that you are investing in something that is good for both your body and the environment.

The time is now. 

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