Gâc, the mother of all superfruits

Gâc, the mother of all superfruits

I bet you’ve never heard of it - Gâc fruit. In Asia it’s known as the mother of all superfruits, or the fruit from heaven. Growing only in South-East Asia during a short season (from December to January) it’s sometimes - even in Asia - hard to get hold of. It makes sense that the fruit is not so well known in the world and perhaps even completely unknown in Europe. It’s Toi who introduced me to this funny-looking fruit in 2019, and I am glad she did as Gâc offers us a generous amount of skincare benefits.

This bubbly red fruit, the size of a melon, is not only enjoyed eaten. It’s used in traditional Asian medicine as well, due to its high source of vitamins and minerals. Its powder and oil are packed with antioxidants, achieving healthy, youthful and glowing skin. We consider it as one of the most important elements of our Holy Balm and Herbal Mask. Here’s why!

Power-packed with lycopene to rejuvenate the skin

Gâc fruit is bursting from lycopene. To give you a comparison; tomatoes are believed to have the highest source of lycopene, Gâc possesses 70 times more! Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant that helps rejuvenate the skin and promotes the skin's natural healing process. It slows down the signs from ageing, as it boosts collagen production and neutralises free radicals, helping to repair damaged skin cells. Lycopene therefore specifically helps prevent skin discoloration and texture changes and slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So besides moisturising the skin, lycopene also improves skin's texture and elasticity. Additionally, lycopene protects against damage from various external toxins - serving as a natural barrier against sun rays as well. 

B-carotene should be renamed

Apart from lycopene, Gâc is also packed with b-carotene. You know, the stuff that gives carrots its orange colour and provides rabbits their fine eyes. Well, take those carrots times ten and you have the amount of b-carotene in one Gâc! B-carotene, which also serves as a natural UV-filter, is mainly converted into Vitamin A, an essential ingredient to your skin that is both great for anti-ageing as anti-acne. It helps promote and maintain a healthy dermis and epidermis; the two top layers of your skin. Vitamin A reduces sun sensitivity, helps wounds heal faster, prevents breakouts and promotes natural hydration - moisturising the skin deeply, giving it a radiant glow. Thanks Gâc.

Apart from Vitamin A, Gâc also contains vitamin C - 40 times more than oranges! - (yes the list can go on); Vitamin E, B1, B2, B3, B9 and some minerals including potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

I understand its overwhelming, so to give you a little summary about the amazing properties of Gâc:

  • It contains 70x more lycopene than tomatoes (great for rejuvenating the skin) 
  • It contains 10x more b-carotene than carrots (great as natural UV-filter)
  • It contains 75x more vitamin A than leafy greens (great for moisturised and clear skin)
  • Gâc contains 40x Vitamin C than oranges (keeps skin supple and firm)

The fruit from heaven

To end on a slightly less chemical note, did you know that Gâc is an important part of Vietnam’s New Year's Eve? After the festivities, the families host meals with traditional dishes. One rice dish contains Gâc, which gives the dish a distinct red colour. The colour red is believed to bring longevity, luck and wealth in the coming year, and consuming this red dish is said to bless the household. 

If it wasn’t for Toi, I wouldn’t have known about Gâc and its unique qualities to protect the skin from pollutants, sun damage and its anti-ageing properties. It confirmed the beauty of working together and helping each other discover the uniqueness of nature's finest ingredients. Together we are better and we proudly share this with you, and your skin. 

Discover the benefits of Organic Gâc

Became as excited about Gâc as us and want to indulge your skin with this antioxidant powerhouse? We understand! Shop our Holy Balm and Herbal Mask. The organic Gâc Oil and Powder used by Saucha comes from a small-scale farm in Vietnam, with whom we have a direct partnership. 

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