What is Saucha?

The Sanskrit term Saucha derives from ancient Indian books and can be literally translated as “purity", "cleanliness" and “clearness”. 
Saucha is part of one of the five Niyamas in Yoga - the principles of yoga philosophy - and covers the cleanliness of the body and the earth, as well as the purity of mind.
The practice of Saucha starts with the environment, by keeping the surroundings clean. It moreover reminds one to live a healthy and sustainable life, while keeping the body and mind pure. A healthy diet, personal hygiene and self-care are all considered Saucha; and are therefore essential for happiness and general well-being.
On the contrary, a lack of Saucha, such as allowing toxins to build up in our bodies or leaving a mess on our planet, is seen as a source of impurity. But we will not get to that point here ;)