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Organic Coconut Oil | Aceh Sumatra, Indonesia

Our Organic Coconut Oil comes from Aceh Sumatra, Indonesia. The last place on earth where orangutans, rhino, elephants and tigers coexist and where turtles nest every night of the year. 

Our partner, a woman led-company, started this business out of a need for change in the industry and for our climate. Their organic coconuts are produced to preserve our endangered ecosystems and wildlife. Nature lovers with their roots sunk deep in Sumatra, see wildlife disappearing and palm oil and coffee plantations expanding. Rainforest is going up in smoke and livelihoods are destroyed by floods and polluted waterways. 

Together with the collective of small-scale farmers, they sed up seedling nurseries and replant coconut trees on 6000 hectares of existing plantations and degraded, unproductive land. Their presence on the ground has influenced positive changes in land use, including stopping the draining of peat swamp forest (a massive carbon emitter) proposed by a palm oil company.

They know each farmer by name, map land boundaries together, and share knowledge and stories. Families who once never had a bank account will have greater opportunities for improving their family’s wellbeing and have a safety net in times of crisis. 

What we also find pretty cool: their sister company is the foundation Ecosystem Impacts. They offer urgent solutions to biodiversity and habitat loss through ranger programmes, breeding programmes and habitat protection and restoration. 

Their slogan says “together we can heal our planet” and we couldn’t agree more.

Meet Jane & Wiza, the two power woman behind the business:

Jane steers the ship and forever tries to divert their funding toward community initiatives and wildlife projects. She has a positive disposition and still hedges her bets on the human race successfully reaching a utopian green economy.

Farwiza Farhan is a lionhearted environmental activist, and deep coconut enthusiast. Wiza heads up Forest, Nature & Environment Aceh (HAkA), an NGO dedicated to combatting extinction in Sumatra's Leuser Rainforest Ecosystem. She got a bit famous in Indonesia - her work in the Leuser was featured in Leonardo Dicaprio’s documentary ‘Before the Flood’ and her impact on community-driven conservation was recognised at the 'Green Oscars', A.K.A the 2016 Whitley Award.

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