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Organic Gâc fruit - Northern Vietnam

Our Organic Gâc comes from Mr. Myron's farm in Northern Vietnam. North Vietnam is known as one of the best areas for this superfruit, as Gâc grows best with full sun and in moist conditions at 400 to 1100m elevation. The farm is located at the edge of a thick forest and next to many riverbeds, the ideal environment for this fruit. This way the natural habitat of the plant is protected best, so the Gâc can be harvested without the use of herbicides, pesticides or any other chemical products. Their organic farming system is focused on maintaining a natural forest with the least possible interference.

In 2007, Mr Myron began his journey to produce Gâc fruit organically. It took him five years of research before he was able to produce the first batches of Gâc oil, followed a year later by Gâc powder. Not surprisingly, his farm is one of the few to have high-quality organic Gâc. Growing and processing Gâc fruit is a delicate business. 

Firstly, the fruits take up to eight months to grow and can only be harvested once a year. Additionally, the fruits can only be harvested when they are ripe, which is in a short period between November and January. For these reasons, their processing and storage facilities are located right next to their farm, allowing them to process the Gâc immediately after harvest - preserving the highest quality of the Gâc with maximum health benefits.  

Mr. Myron is seen as one of the big Gâc experts in the world, he even obtained a PhD in Gâc!   Knowing that Mr Myron produces Gâc aimed at preserving a natural forest with as little intervention as possible, and is fully committed to turning the ripe fruit into products of the highest quality, we at Saucha are very happy to be able to use his precious Gâc in our skincare products.