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To be honest, the most sustainable thing you could do is not to create a new product. That said... This is why we did choose to exist and what we believe in

We all got quite disconnected from nature and its people. Most of us live in their own rushed bubble, missing most of the beautiful things nature - the world - has to offer. It's our dream to form an interconnected world where humans naturally care for themselves and our planet. 

In the current landscape, you can choose whether you want a vegan product or animal-friendly or recycled packaging or 100% natural ingredients or fairly priced or pure quality or supporting a small business or fair wage... It’s a never ending list of choices, that add to the already countless choices you have to make in our society. We make it easy for you: we are all of this. With the world’s resources and our own personal reserves being used up, we long for clear, conscious, and simple choices. We believe in simplicity, not complexity. Simply good, just how it should be. 

Reconnecting back to nature

That means doing good, being good, to ourselves and the planet. It also means we strive to work together sourcing the finest organic ingredients, working with ethical micro-farmers, making a positive impact in communities where we live and work, and giving back wherever we can. At Saucha, we care for better self care and aim to make this a fun, easy and natural choice—the inspiration to live a little more sustainably in an unsustainable world, by giving you your favorite skincare ritual.

Since the start of Saucha we do everything we can to operate as sustainable as possible. There are definitely still some points where we can improve on, but here's what we already do:
  • We believe in making just a few products and making most of them multi-purpose. Multi-purpose products are a great way to reduce waste and plastic use as you don't have as many bottles of product to order, ship or dispose of.
  • We choose our organic farmers consciously based on their ethical and sustainable way of operating, head over to our partner page to meet and read about them all!
  • We use Paperwise for all our cards (thank you/gift cards) and for the boxes of the Thai Herbal Mask and Holy Balm. Paperwise is CO2 neutral board made from agricultural waste, meaning nothing goes to waste in nature. The environmental impact of PaperWise products is 47% lower than paper made from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper.
  • The labels of the Holy Balm and Thai herbal mask are made of paper instead of plastic
  • The packaging of our Herbal Mask and Holy Balm are made of a glass jar and an aluminium lid which is 100% recyclable forever
  • The bottles of our Castile Soap are made of 100% recycled Thai water bottles. One Saucha bottle is made of 15 water bottles of collected plastic, plus; 50 extra bottles of ocean plastic are collected for every purchase. One bottle equals 65 bottles of collected ocean plastic. The lid unfortunately is not made of recycled plastic, we tried our best to find one but each manufacturer said it was not yet possible. However, they are currently working and testing on it and will contact us as soon as they can make recycled lids.
  • Our Castile Soap boxes are made of FSC-certified wood - we wanted to go for 100% recycled wood but couldn't afford that when we launched the soap
  • The filling material in our shipping boxes is made of 100% recycled cardboard. Also, whenever we receive filling material from other shipments, we reuse it in our Saucha shipping boxes.
  • The rope on our flower bundles are made from biodegradable seaweed
  • Our shipping box is made from 75% recycled material + 25% FSC-certified wood and can be opened and closed (re-used) thousands of times
  • Did you know that between 20% and 30% of a city’s carbon dioxide emissions come from deliveries? Its one of the reasons we partnered up with Cycloon ( - they deliver all our packages throughout the Netherlands on bikes. Also, what may go against all e-commerce trends, we do not promote unnecessary returns. We believe you should consider carefully if you really want this product and sending packages back and forth like it's nothing has become quite a toxic habit in our society. Of course we're here to help if you want to return your package for whatever reason. Kindly check our return policy for more info.
  • And obviously, all our products are 100% natural and organic. Zero toxins and preservatives are used, making all products biodegradable and harmless to your skin, health and nature.

We're always open for a sustainable chat! You can contact me directly at