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Organic Almond Oil | Pinoso, Spain

Our certified organic Almonds come from The Mañan Almond Cooperative in Pinoso (Valencia, Spain). Mañan is a non-profit farmers' collective that uses sustainable farming methods and works with a cooperative of local, small-scale organic farmers.

Environmental-hearted farmers

The South Mediterranean region of Spain is characterised by its arid climate with dry, hot summers, and low rainfall. It's crucial, especially in such regions, that agriculture is practised in a sustainable way. Therefore, Mañan has developed sustainable water concepts to work in harmony with nature. This includes an intelligent irrigation system that prevents soil degradation while maintaining soil fertility. 

By reducing their water consumption they also reduce the amount of irrigation. Due to their sustainable farming methods, they can farm only a tenth of what could otherwise be farmed under intensive cultivation methods. This means that these organic farmers consciously choose environmental protection over income. This means quality over quantity and shows how important long-term and sustainable farming is worth to them. Besides, Mañan also uses broken nuts that aren’t sold within the food-chain and turn unwanted almond husks into compost to minimise waste. Yay!

Saucha and Mañan's partnership is rooted in a shared vision of sustainable farming, environmental protection and honest & ethical working conditions.

Our German partner presses the almonds in their oil manufactory carefully through a cold-pressing process with subsequent filtration, to produce the highest-quality, cold-pressed Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

The softest touch

This high-quality, cold-pressed and moisturising Organic Sweet Almond Oil offers the softest care for sensitive, dry or irritated skin. The light Sweet Almond Oil is very skin-friendly and contains a high content of unsaturated fats, such as linolenic acid.

P.s. Did you know that it takes two farmers around ten minutes to harvest the almonds from one single tree? With that in mind, we appreciate the soft touch of almond oil on our skin even much more :-)

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